Sunday, April 14, 2019

Talk less, listen more

We are talkers, loud talkers, glib talkers. As a society, we love talking all the time. We hate listening, quietly paying attention to others.
We like being on the centre of attraction and talking helps us achieve that. Our inflated egos crave for admiration and adoration. And so we all continuously,  tirelessly talk.
We are so focused in ourselves that we don't really bother for others...their likes and dislikes.
Only if we simply begin observing and listening to others, things would be so much better.
We would be more aware and perceptive.
Back off and sit back. Just watch. Instead of talking and harping on yourself all the time and your life, just lend your ears and hearts and minds to things happening around you.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Unconditional love

Can we love others without expecting anything in return?
Can we accept others just the way they are?
Can we only give love and not ask for love?
These questions may apparently look difficult. But they are pretty simple and straight.
Simply giving and not asking anything in return...
That's the essence of all relationships.
The moment we accept the differences amongst us all...conflicts shall disappear.
We need to train our minds to accomplish this feat.'s difficult to begin with...due to our deep rooted belief systems. But with practice and conscious awareness, it's possible.
Let's try and simply love...
With no strings attached...
Just be love....because love is life and life is love.

Prisoner of the Past!

We all carry the baggage of our past deeds and memories. We burden our hearts and minds with the excess encumbrances of heartbreaks and failures.
Harboring grievances, regrets, complications and what not!
Useless trash from our distant and not so distant past...haunting us every now and festering us relentless sufferings and infinite agony. We all have ugly horrendous skeletons in our closets.
We need to let go...let go of people, free ourselves from the decadent mindsets and false egos...
We have been victims of our circumstances and prisoners of our past. We ought to demolish the stronghold of our limiting complexes and liberate our souls.
Let's fly freely and live fully! Mindful of only this present moment...this fleeting second...only this is ours and we ourselves are all who belong to us.
That's all that is to life!

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Divine Messages

Often in the long and the winding roads of life, unexpected incidents and shocking events leave us wanting for answers.

Confounded, we look around for help but no one provides us with cogent answers.

Navigating through the arduous journey, whenever in need, look around you. Watch closely and you shall surely find divine messages guiding you through your life's most tricky situations.

Listening to a random song playing in a cafe you sat down to sip  a cuppa coffee, seeing a repetitive number pattern indicating a subtle message, spotting a cloud formation in the bright sky above, a stranger coming over and telling you something....just out if the blue...these signs and symbols hint at a solution to your most stifling questions.

You need to be a keen observer. A possessor of a perceptive mind to decipher these coded messages from the Divine.

The Universal Energy doesn't leave you handhelds you and steers you through all your life's trials and tribulations.

So have unquestioning belief in the Divine. It shall come to your rescue and shall salvage you, no matter what.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

'Coz I love you

I love you...!
And yes, I confess that's my mistake. I love you much more than you probably deserve. And that's why I cry for you through the night.  I am unable to take my mind off you, no matter how hard I try.
Yes, 'coz I love you and that's my mistake.
I am jealous when I find you talking to others and ignoring me. Laughing with others and letting tears well up in my eyes. I can't share you with anyone else 'coz I feel I own you. You are mine and mine alone, that's what I surmise.
Yes, that's 'coz I love you and I know that's my mistake.
I never loved anyone before the way I loved you. I cherished your presence in my life 'coz for me you were my God.
I begged for your love. I yearned for your undivided attention. I longed to be the Queen of your heart. Yes, 'coz I loved you and that was my mistake.
I transformed and wore masks, as per your likes, only so that you would love me more. But alas, that was not to be! You left me high and dry, empty and shaken.
My heart's broken into shreds by your callous hands 'coz i valued you the most. I gave you the right to my body and mind and soul. I stripped myself naked in front of you, threadbare...and you ripped it apart!
All these years I thought you were mine and loved me, Oh, so played with me, toddled with my naive emotions and shoved me aside.
I yelled and screamed only to be lovingly stifled by your passionate kisses. I understood much later that I was only the object of your carnal desires.
All this 'coz I loved you and yes, I now realise that was a mistake...a huge fatal mistake!
But what an irony! After all this, I still have your memory carved out in the megaliths of my mind.
Your name on my parched lips.
Your desire in my distressed soul.
Unrequited love for you in the deep dark crevices of my forlorn heart.
All this 'coz I still love you!

Enjoy Life!

Laugh, love, live, get lost in the wilderness...ENJOY!

Life is to be lived fully, enjoyed to the hilt and loved profoundly.
Even it means to fail and falter, run and get drenched in the elixir of life.
This moment passing by shall not return.

Extort every bit out of it. Squeeze out the life out of each fleeting moment.

Laugh heartily without holding out, love unconditionally without expecting anything, live fully as if there is no tomorrow.

Go out and soak yourself in the beautiful beauties of nature.
Don't look back and mull, what's gone is gone. Dusted and done with. There's so much more waiting out there for you. Embrace that and chug along humming the music of your soul.

Avoid being don't own anyone. Set them free and explore. Get rid of fallacies and illusions, notions and biases.
Live for yourself and yourself only. You are all you have got. People come and go. Your happiness and mental peace is your prime priority.

Work on yourself and your dreams...your life. Try and be the best version of yourself. Endeavour to create the life you aspire. Realize your true potential. Trust your gut instincts. They will never let you down.
Don't entangle yourself with people. They are not worth it. They don't deserve you. Keep off all the emotional attachments. They will always suck you into their crazy whirlpool. Stay away from all the melodrama of relationships.

Learn your lessons and simply love. Accept without expecting.
Watch your thoughts. Check them every now and then. They create your reality. Don't allow anything to consume you or your vital energies. Trust me, it's all such a waste of time and yourself.

You are not here to defend yourself and explain things to people...coz they will only understand what they want to. It's fine to be misunderstood.

Don't let situations and circumstances dictate you and determine your life. You are the master architect of your life. You decide what and who you want.

Be yourself. Love who you are. Your true, pure, original self. The eccentric, weird, quirky soul that resides within you. You are one of your kind. Cherish that.

Smile often. It hurts your detractors. They squirm seeing you happy. Be content in your space. Calm and composed. Let nothing and noone ruffle you up.

Simply flow with the universal cosmic divine energy of the creation and sparkle. Illuminate and dazzle the world with the luminous incandescent flame within you.

You are the world. You own it. You don't need anyone to bring you joy or complete your existence. Your purpose in life is to learn the lessons as and when they come and leave this world a more enriched soul.

So, rick and roll!

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Oasis of Love

In the busy lives that most of us live in, we are jostling for our own little spaces. We all are fighting our own battles and struggling to somehow survive.

In this fast-paced world, every individual is trying to meet the deadlines and stay afloat. However, in this maddening lifestyle, we need to create and carve out our own tiny spaces...oasis of love and happiness in the dry barren desert.

We have to look for our little blessings in our lives and smile. We cannot afford to wait for the happy moment or day to come beckoning at our doors and embrace us. We cannot bank on others to provide us happiness.

We have to be proactive and take responsibility for our own peace and joy. Our external situations and the world outside us is but a reflection of our inner lives. So, if we stay happy and fulfilled inside, the world outside with resonate with similar energies.

Whether it be reading a nice book or plugging our ear phones with our favourite music playing or taking a short stroll in the park outside...we need to look out for our secret oasis in the cold barrenness we are existing in. Steal few blissful moments from our hectic schedules and rejuvenate our minds.

Keep your eyes open and look around yourself with a keen sense.
For your sanity and mental health, take deep breaths in the midst of all the mess and steer clear of the clamour around. Sanitise your heart and mind from the negative energies crowding you.