Monday, January 4, 2021

2020, What a year!

 Another year passes by. And what a year this was! 

A year of awakening and cleansing. A year about self-love and love for Mother Earth. 

This year brought some unreal experiences. Things and situations we would never have imagined. However, it woke us all up from our deep slumber. The year shook us up from our ignorance and callousness. The world literally came to a standstill. We were forced to look within and probe for answers. The very existence of humanity had come to question.

This was Nature's way to intervene and reclaim itself. Put things into balance yet again.

Thank you, Universe for illuminating our hearts and minds! 

Saturday, June 20, 2020

All that the World Needs!

All that we all ever need is kindness and compassion. That's all! Period.
Nothing more, nothing less. Kindness and compassion for all! 
This is so unfortunate that these things don't cost us anything yet we all are so miserly in our giving it to others. 
Each soul alive on this Earth today and ever was, was hungry for love and understanding. 
In the limitless and boundless ocean of materialistic comforts and physical achievements, we all yearn for unconditional love. Love, in turn gives rise to kindness and compassion towards others. 
We don't know what's the back story behind individuals we interact with. Not every one opens up and speaks. There are minds which keep things buried deep within themselves. We are completely unaware of where they may be coming from, their sufferings and struggles. Just because they may be smiling and giggling with others doesn't mean they are happy inside. Their silent screams go unheard. Their muffled pleas go unnoticed. 
Each one of us needs validation. We are social beings. We need loved ones around who support us through thick and thin, and not judge us.
We need to open the floodgates of our hearts and shower unconditional love to one and all. Truly connect and honestly communicate.
Fill your pails with the endless fountain of love. The Elixir of Life! That's all we want and will ever need.

Monday, June 15, 2020

Brickbats and Bouquets!

Why is it people that are celebrated and appreciated after their demise? Why are their death beds showered with wreaths and bouquets of flowers? And while they are around and alive, they are ripped apart and crucified for sins they probably may not have even committed.
Why? Why? 
This hypocrisy and cruel double standards mars the soul. To shed tears on their burial and to bite them behind their backs otherwise. 
Let's give others their fair share and talk good of all. 
We all long to be heard and understood. That's one of the most fundamental needs of a human. 
Every soul traversing on this Earth is craving to be loved.
And it doesn't cost us a penny to love others. Let's be kind to others. Be empathetic and give a lending hand to any one who needs help.
Our smiles and hugs can save this planet and make it a much better place. 
Our few words of compassion and hope can save innumerable innocent lives.
We all owe this to the world.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Live each moment, each day as it was your last! 
Do all that you want to do...right now. As if there was no tomorrow...
All that is worth knowing, is here, now. Rest all is myth...a illusion. 
Right that is all there is...all that you need.
Live now!!!

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Exist or Live?

'Better not to exist at all than to exist like a seaweed, without meaning or joy. ' - Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach
These lines are so profound and true. Most of us merely exist and languish in die unnoticed, unsung one day.
Just a select few, have the courage of conviction to transform their ordinary existences into something magnificent and glorious.
We all smile too less, love oh so miserly. That's the disease of mankind, I guess. 
Most of us have lost our innocence and purity, our power and character. We're are simply meandering aimlessly wherever life is taking us. No purpose, no passion. And that's so unfortunate. 
Wish we all could love generously,  laugh heartily, and live completely. What a beautiful,  blissful, and blessed life it would be!
If only we could make genuine friends and have meaningful relationships...
If only we could drink and be merry...
If only we could be close to nature and our true souls...
Let's live fully, completely...not just exist mindlessly. 

Friday, January 3, 2020

A Fresh Start, A New Beginning.....Really?

It's again that time of the year...that time when we are reminded of a year gone by and a new year beckoning at the doors of our lives. 
Amidst the cacophony of our chaotic lives, we often tend to forget the fact that we have spent yet another set of 365 days. And without sounding pessimistic or cynical, we have inched closer to our graves.
Some of the more focused and committed souls, may have scaled newer heights, few other diligent souls may even have succeeded in their set goals the past year but there are many more out there, who may have idled away the days of the year. Just let it pass away...let slip away the moments, the days, weeks, and months into oblivion...into a deep dark abyss of nothingness. 
That's sad but true.
It's not always complacency but a certain kind of stoic stoniness...(if that's a legit word)
And these men and women are aware of time passing and they quietly witnessing it, without doing anything about it. A numbness of helplessness seems to have engulfed their conscience. They are mute spectators of their life, slipping by, moment by moment. 
Having said all this, it's not that these souls don't wish to achieve things in life, it's just that they lack the strong will-power and determination to accomplish whatever they wish. They've either lost it due to multiple setbacks and failures in their life so far or have simply lost the interest to carry on with the arduous task of proving themselves. So, they just simply sit on the sidelines and indulge in wishful thinking. Mindless wool-gathering and futile daydreaming. Clapping for others. They let the voice within them die. They stifle and suffocate it to death. They cruelly smother it to eternal silence. The dreams in their eyes fade off and are replaced with a string of tears caught in the deep crevices. The spring in their steps turns into a sloth-like drag. The smile of their once radiant faces metamorphoses into painful festering sores.
Slowly and surely, these once vibrant promising souls disappear into thin if they never were...they had never existed. Gone....whoosh!
So much hullabaloo the entire life, for this...

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Fickle Life!

Life is so fickle. This moment, here with us....the very next moment, it may fly off to a greener pasture...leaving us high and dry.
We live as if we shall live if we are immortals...never to die...or pass off to another level of existence. 
We live as if we rule the world...we are the all-powerful masters of the universe.
However, life is not a faithful friend. Here today, gone tomorrow. 
So, let's live this moment, as if there may not be another day...another sunrise...another sunset.
Be present and aware of this passing moment as it may soon be over and gone forever. Life is fickle, so don't depend on it. What is here, today and right now, is yours...the rest is a myth, a farce.....